Here i will provide a list of 5 of 8 game projects i've been a part of during my time at The Game Assembly. Each being between 8-10 weeks half time. 

All game projects were done cross diciplinary with Game artists, programmers and level designers, and the second year we also had the pleasure of working with technical artists. The projects used scrum as a frameword and each sprint were divided into Pre-Production, Alpha, Beta and Gold. 

The first year we had a new group each time. The second year we had the same group the whole year. We also did all the second year games in our own engine "Yellowsnow".

Wizard Loaf - Project Group

This was my game project group the second year at The Game Assembly. We consist of 15 people. 4 game artists, 3 level designers, 6 programmers and 2 technical artists. The first 3 games on this page were made by us. The other 3 were done the first year where we had a new group for each project. 

If you want to know more about Wizard Loafs amazing team members Click Here

Gunbritt - FPS

The idea emerged of an epic feud between Sweden and Denmark (IKEA vs Jysk) the two giants of furniture and pillows. 

"As the company of Ikeja has been raided, the only hope left is Gunbritt, the senior cleaner who must save her beloved workplace from the danskjävlar." 

For this project we decided to use a texture atlas for a lot of the assets in the game, and we also sticked to a more lowpoly style. This gave us the time to create a lot of props and really fast. I also gave us a lot of time to fucus on other aspects of the game and still have a very populated world.

My contributions to this project consisted primarily of:

  • All base modules (walls, floor, ventilation system, roof)
  • A lot of props for the world (plants, boxes, pens, coffee cups, files, microwave, fridge, projectors etc.
  • Some dressing
  • Mockup
  • Texture atlas
  • Tiling wall,roof,floor textures.
  • Both enemy models and the highpoly for the main characters bag.
  • Textures for the main character and enemies
  • Trailer

Spite - Ragnars Mjöd - Diablo ish

The teachers had set an art style for this project which was was Heroes of the storm, and the reference game for gameplay and metrics was Diablo 3. We also got a theme for our game that had the title "North" which was inspired by the viking era and some dwarven type architecture. We had to make a highpoly for every asset in ZBrush and we used Orbs ZBrushes to get a more similar look to Heroes of the Storm. We also had the chance to share assets between groups which resulted in more populated games, but we also had to tweak and add to those the assets to fit our theme.

This project was very interesting because the goal of it was to create a workflow that was more similar to how the industry works. We followed a styleguide for the game and a workflow guide for how the assets should be created.

My main contributions to this project consisted of:

  • Modules (Walls, ground, pillars)
  • Dressing kits (Planks, Rocks, banners)
  • Tiling textures (Rock tiles, Snow, cliff rocks, mud)
  • Mockup
  • Moodboards and reference hunting
  • Main menu background

Examples of some stuff i did:


Raggarök - Space Shooter

This was  our first full 3D game in our own engine. 

My contributions to this project consisted primarily of:

  • Ship modelling (Medium enemy and the "Boss"/Big truck)
  • Buildings and environment props/kits.
  • Texturing
  • Concept work
  • Some dressing
  • Textures for asteroids


Legend Of Yuki - Top Down Adventure

This was a 8 week project making an adventure game inspired by the metrics and gameplay from Zelda a link to the past.

My contributions to this project consisted primarily of:

  • All character animations.
  • Dressing.
  • Concepting and creating tiles for the world.
  • Prop-sprites for the environments.
  • Trailer


Naud - Platformer

My contributions to this project consisted primarily of:

  • Character animations
  • Enemy animation
  • Trailer
  • Tiles and sprites for the world
  • Trees
  • Some UI


A Fistful Of Bounties - SHMUP

My contributions to this project consisted primarily of:

  • Background elements
  • Boss modelling
  • VFX-animations
  • Ship concepts
  • Intro cutscene
  • Trailer