Abandoned Hideout

A heavy inspiration for this piece was Metro 2033 and the harsh world it takes place in. Metro also has areas where people live that has a lot of warm lights, that i thought felt quite cosy. I wanted to create a similar feeling and to tell a story of someone leaving in a hurry, but not without a plan.
All assets and textures are done by me, except some decals and the map that were grabbed from textures.com with some edits. Modeled in Maya and Zbrush, textured in substance painter. Tiling textures made in substance designer.
Rendered in Unreal Engine 4
Portfolio piece created studying @ The Game Assembly. Huge thanks to all the teachers, class mates and industry people that gave me a lot of great feedback. You can find the rest of my awesome class mates here: http://bit.do/TGAstudents

Manne westermark 7
Manne westermark 1
Manne westermark 4
Manne westermark props2
Manne westermark props1
Manne westermark woodball